Monday, 31 January 2011


OK, so eleven years ago was the millennium; go back nearly a century before that and you had the world wars; 500 years prior to that and the USA was discovered; go a few thousand years and the three wise men were taking gifts; a few million and T Rex was eating everything in sight; and a few million years before then (or may be more) was my last post.

I simply have no excuse for this - except for the fact that life got in the way. Anyway, enough of this droning on - time to play serious catch up.

I think suits sometimes have an unfair reputation - they are seen as being restrictive and uniform. I on the other hand see them as a great starting point. Straightaway, if you have a good fitting suiting, in my opinion, you are already half way there. I challenge you to show me one person in a good fitting suit, who doesn't look good.

Then, all you need to do with the suit is throw in some super slim line shoes, a decent overcoat and may be a bag et voila! I always prefer the double vent and the one or two button variety - I find they just sit better. Although, having said that, I do feel the need to begin experimenting...


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Mariel Torres said...

i really like this outfit