Tuesday, 30 November 2010

ice cream protection

Winter would not be winter, unless you had those days where as your alarm goes off in the morning, you pretend that you are simply dreaming and pull the covers over your head, as you just do not want to go outside and freeze to your bones. 

The positive to come out of this is that you get to purchase all kinds of headgear to keep you warm, as I need not remind you that you lose a third (don't quote me) of your body heat through your head. Does that mean, theoretically, if you wore trousers and no hat or a hat and no trousers, you would feel the same amount of coldness? No idea, answers on a postcard please.

I always find that nothing quite goes with a hat, as do boots. The ones featured here are a great pair I picked up from Zara. Now I know that boots are supposed to be oversized and chunky, but I also enjoy the more sophisticated and sleek looking cousin as well. Also, as I was quite rightly told, with boots, always roll the trousers up to finish off the look; I have to say I am a fan of this. The only problem is though, you suddenly get a cold draft between the boot and the trouser. The remedy - add some colourful (thick, football) socks to bring some life to the season (and body to the look).


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