Monday, 31 January 2011

silent words

This was the day I decided to change my kitchen into a photo studio - slightly unsuccessfully might I add. However, I think it sort of got the job done, and may be even added to the pictures.

I think everyone needs at least one bow tie in their wardrobe. This one was very kindly given to me and I have to say it is the best of the best and I haven't seen one which has come close ever since. You may have by now seen, that I have a certain need for clean, simple and straight slim lines and am a fan of the tailored look. Keeping with this brief, the bow tie is super slim and collaborates perfectly with any tailored shirt emphasising a nice, crisp collar area. Add to this any satchel and trousers (undecided whether denim would work) and the geek is most definitely chic!

The shoes, what can I say, best shoes in the world (even though I may be slightly bias). The only issue is, I don't wear them enough, as I don't want to dirty them. Give me everything brogue and then give me some more.


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